Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Modesty and Lust

Hello, blog. I'm sorry I've been avoiding you lately, I just haven't felt very writey this holidays. I'll be back soon, I promise (I feel something in me clawing its way out of holiday mode, and I dare say my desire and ability to write will return soon after it's free. Not long to go! I miss you!). In the meantime, here are two posts about modesty you simply must read, both by Dianna E. Anderson. Although modesty is usually only a topic that women hear about, these posts are equally about and for men (so no excuses! READ THE POSTS!).

Modesty codes not only negatively affect women by informing them that their bodies are public objects to be commented upon and used at will, but they also create an attitude within men that is twofold. First, they abdicate responsibility for a problem with lust to that which exists outside themselves, perpetuating an immature “blame others” attitude. Second, the lack of definition around lust makes men hate themselves when they cannot control a perfectly normal reaction.
The second post, which is a response to the responses from the first, is called Notes From My...: Further Thoughts on Modesty
Are you taking the memory of that fleeting glimpse and filing it away for a spank bank later? That’s lust.

Are you just getting a boner when you see an attractive lady? That’s a biological reaction.

Lust is a deliberate act, a deliberate desire to use another person for one’s own benefit, to dehumanize them so that – even if in your fantasies they are consenting – they are still existing for your pleasure, to, yes, overpower and control them for your own satisfaction. It is this desire that Jesus is speaking to, not your boner.
See? See?! Read the rest, they're gold.


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