Friday, November 30, 2012

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Here is (one of) my problem(s): I feel like I do all of the talking here on this blog, and this makes me uncomfortable – I do care about you and would love to know your thoughts rather than just spewing mine all of the time. BUT I also have a debilitating fear that if I ask questions in any of my posts, no one will answer and I’ll look like a right fool and probably end up crying over it. So here is my solution, which hopefully makes everyone happy: I’m going to post some songs and ask a few questions and you can write/answer in the comments and it’ll be a blast.

AND because I’m about to start watching a movie and then it’ll be the weekend and then I’m going away for a few days, I won’t be checking my emails from now until, like, Wednesday, so by then I’ll either have some responses (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) or none, but if it’s the latter I’m banking on the fact that I will have forgotten about the post by then because my memory is so terrible (unless you count my ability to remember the lyrics to songs I didn’t like from 1999) and we can just move on as if I’d never tried to stir up the comfortable little system we had going before this post. *gasps for air* 

Does this sound like a good plan? No? Hush, you.

While listening to older CDs over the past month or so I’ve been rediscovering songs and bands I’ve loved for years but which have been replaced on my high-rotation piles by the albums and bands that have grabbed my attention in more recent times. I am (mostly) convinced that introducing someone to a good song is the equivalent of helping an old lady across the street (although if you ever have to choose between the two, pick the old lady); my hope is that you’ll enjoy those I've listed below and then introduce me to one/some of your favourites in return. SO: here’s a mini playlist of a few of my favourite songs for a quiet, neutral or bordering-on-melancholic mood:

Sweet Song – Blur

I Thought You Were God –  Clare Bowditch

There is No Such Place – Augie March

I Don’t Blame You – Cat Power

Feeling Oblivion – Turin Brakes

Black Cherry – Goldfrapp

Have a listen to the YouTube videos or find the songs in Grooveshark, then do a good deed by letting me know your favourite quiet song, or a beloved song/band you’ve recently rediscovered. You’re also allowed to tell me that you passionately hate quiet or bordering-on-melancholic music.

Or, if none of that takes your fancy, you could respond to one or more of the following:

1. A band you still love that was first introduced to you by a sibling or parent.
2. A song you’re slightly embarrassed to admit that you loved in high school.
3. A song that always reminds you of something.

OR, if none of these apply/you have no desire to answer any of them, you could just say hi. I really don’t mind (I DO! Please write to me!). Here goes...


  1. (This is so that I get at least one comment for this post. Sometimes I'm very nice to myself.)

    Wow, I have, like, EXACTLY THE SAME taste in music as you! Love all of those songs! Have you heard the Lost Song by The Cat Empire? It's a quiet one I'd recommend.

    As for the questions:
    1. I love Stone Temple Pilots because of my brother. Tiny Music is the bomb.

    2. I was strangely attracted to all the boppy remixes that were popular in the late 90s - one mixed tape I made in my high school days features the upbeat version of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion TWO AND A HALF (the tape ran out) TIMES! I'd just press record whenever it came on the radio.

    3. The song Crush by Dave Matthews Band reminds me of my husband. If I had to pick an 'us' song, this would probably be it.

    Alright then, enjoy your movie! Peace out.

  2. Listened to them all! Nice, but none of them really had a hook that grabbed me. Probably the point of quiet music, right? :)

    I found a girl on the internet who used to make a lot of music recommendations (now she has a toddler, not so much time!). This is one of the lastest things she put me onto. A bit more industrial than your songs, but anyway, your post reminded me of how great it is when have someone to talk about your favourite music with. :)

  3. Imogen Heap's solo work is really growing on me; I've been listening to her albums a lot lately. Even "I Megaphone"!

    Also, Kate Miller Heidke's latest album "Nightflight" is astonishing.

    1. So much love for Kate Miller-Heidke! I do like Nightflight as a whole, though I think it is a mix of really strong tracks and a couple of tracks that are so close but not quite there.

  4. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for making me laugh at 4am - couldn't sleep and am always checking to see if you've written anything new! Been a bit comment-shy on the Internet lately!

    I've been making playlists for when I go into labour - a quiet, relaxing one, an energetic one and an audio book one. I might not end up listening to any of it and don't really have any recommendations. But I found it really surprising that I have this strong emotional connection to some matchbox 20 songs that one of my flat mates used to play on repeat about 13 years ago and I hadn't heard since!! Music gets inside us and lives there I think :-).

    Love you heaps, please keep writing xo.

  5. Meh. I'm not really into chill music but if I had to pick one of your examples I'd go for Turin Brakes. I don't really have a chill playlist and if a chill-like song comes up in my all-genre-encompassing playlist I'd most likely skip it!

    I'd much rather listen to something heavy and loud.

    1. A band you still love that was first introduced to you by a sibling or parent (or one of your offspring!).
    You introduced me to The Cat Empire however many years ago and I am still a fan. For chilled, I really, really, really love Miserere - I even did a layout about it once.

    2. A song you’re slightly embarrassed to admit that you loved in high school.
    Can't remember back that far :)

    3. A song that always reminds you of something.
    Pretty much ALL music reminds me of something but right at this moment my brain refuses to provide me with an example. :(

  6. A couple of favs..

    'The Ballad of El Goodo' by Big Star

    'Thoughts of You' by Dennis wilson

    'Myth' by Beach House

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! You guys are LOVELY! I've just spent the last 30 minutes or so listening to your suggestions and feeling very much like I imagine a record label dude must feel when hearing a new artist's tape for the first time - nervous, excited, relieved, etc. I wonder how you become one of those people? It was wonderful.

    cyberiagirl: I LOVED Lofticries with the video, and REALLY LIKED it without the video (I tried both to check). I'd like to think that my improvised dances to songs like this look as good as hers, but I think I'll just tell myself this while continuing to close the curtains and turn out the lights before having a go. I do love non-grabby music - Alan calls it 'pedestrian'; I call it 'awesome'.

    Karen: I don't mind i Megaphone ('Come Here Boy' is gold), but my favourite album of Imogen Heap's is 'Speak for Yourself'. Thanks for the tip about KM-H - "astonishing" is such a beautiful review word, and it's made me very keen to have a listen (at the end of the month when I know we'll have enough internet to last for the whole album!). She's someone whose songs I always love, and who I've wanted to investigate but have never had a chance/remembered to (Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes are two others). :)

    Jill: I already sent you a message, so I won't make the same joke here about writing boring posts to help you sleep. xo

    Diane: I DIDN'T KNOW I INTRODUCED YOU TO THE CAT EMPIRE! That's, like, a YEAR of good deeds right there! GO ME! I do love Miserere - that whole album is one of my all time favourites for summery days. As for the quiet versus loud thing, to paraphrase The Byrds/Ecclesiates, "To every mood (turn! turn! turn!), there is a musical genre (turn! turn! turn!), and a song for every emotion under heaven", by which I mean that heavy and loud is good for those moments when you need heavy and loud - I have them too, but I seem to live most of my life up the quiet end of the musical spectrum.

    Ben: Myth by Beach House is GOLD. It has everything I look for in a good quiet song - key change-y bits, a chillin' beat and LAYERS. I love me some layers.


  8. Glad you liked Beach House. You should check out an album, they are wonderful. And you also NEED the first Bon Iver album. Seriously.