Monday, October 1, 2012


Friends, today we’re going on an excursion to Mummy-Blogger City, specifically to the suburb of Culinary Creations. I hope you’ll forgive me when you see these:
These are vegetarian rolls. I haven’t yet named them (suggestions welcome), but Belle’s Amazing Sausage Rolls With No Sausage is too much of a mouthful, as is the acronym (BASRWNS). They’re my latest hobby and they’re even yummier than they look in this photo. This batch of rolls contained sweet potato, onion, mushroom and spinach, but the last batch were made with pumpkin, fetta, broccoli, onion and mushroom; both have included a special combination of parsley, coriander and mint, which gives them a scrummy kick and takes them from ‘just lunch’ to ‘oh-my-goodness-I-need-to-tell-everyone-else-how-GOOD-these-things-are-even-if-it-means-taking-a-photo-of-them-and-then-putting-it-on-the-internet-like-I-always-swore-I’d-never-do’. Oh yeah - so you spoon the mix onto the middle of half a sheet of puff pastry, wrap the sides up over it, chop it into four, bake until golden, and voilá: BASRWNSs.
 (Mo’s face in the third photo is because it’s hot. He likes them. He does.)

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  1. How about Belle's Sausageless Rolls? They sound yummy btw!