Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book spine poetry

Meandering around the internet last night led me here and then here, where I was inspired by this very cool response to a book spine poetry challenge:
In case it wasn't clear, this picture's from here
On seeing this, my husband immediately shuffled off to our bookshelf and returned with this (as well as a determination to “buy any second hand book that has a verb in the title”):
The lighting is a little dodgy; it says:

The prince
the little prince
burning for revenge
in a sunburned country
The idiot
the idiot
looking for Alibrandi
in the company of cheerful ladies

And I, being far less poetically-able than any of the above, came up with this:


  1. I love both poems.
    I can't believe you have two copies of The Idiot!
    You can see my paltry attempt here and feel better about yours :)

    1. Yes- As a bowerbird collects blue, so Alan collects Dostoevsky.

  2. Hehe I'm inspired - though slightly limited by a lack of prepositions...

    Three Men in a Boat(:)
    Journey to the West;
    Out of the Silent Planet
    The Dark is Rising.
    East of the Mountains -
    The Wasteland.

    1. I love it! You obviously have more of a gift for poetry-writing than I do, Lou!

  3. The other one is playlist poetry - on mine, just by alphabetic coincidence, 'I'm Alive' sits right next to 'I'm Not Dead' :)

    1. :o)

      Is playlist poetry just seeing what songs are grouped together, or do you create a poem using song titles? Not that I need new ways to procrastinate...

    2. Not sure really - I just kind of made it up. It's always just tickled me that those two songs ended up next to each other. Whatever takes your fancy I guess :)