Sunday, March 11, 2012

Glenmore Park

Before we even knew we’d be moving to Glenmore Park, I’d been told (repeatedly) that the suburb was a rabbit warren. It seems the locals have been programmed to make a comment about the bendy roads or the stress on car tyres as soon as the place is mentioned; I’ve heard the words “rabbit” and “warren” more times over the last few months than I have before in my entire life.

Anywho, it turns out Glenmore Park is seriously like a rabbit warren. We went to visit our new house on Friday afternoon after signing the lease, and if I wasn’t following my husband on his motorbike I would have had to pull over to re-check the directions. There are approximately three straight roads in the entire suburb; all of the others wind this way and that like a drunk and if you were to drive along them too fast or for too long you’d risk vomiting on arrival at your destination. Here is a picture of a normal suburb (Penrith):
And here is a picture of Glenmore Park:

Our place is right in the middle.

I should be looking for things I’ll love about living out there, but I’m beyond the excited, “YAY, we finally got a place!” stage and am currently hovering around the sad, “Maybe if I just write blog posts instead of packing we won’t ever have to move and we’ll be able to stay here forever and live happily ever after” stage. It’s been a busy week of lasts – last time changing the sheets at this place, last time the Palace Cinema in Leichhardt will be just down the road, last time I can easily go out with a friend for a giant cookie and gelato sandwich in Newtown, last time we visit this or that park – and I’m starting to feel bummed about the whole move.

Our new place is so nice, the backyard is amazing, the carpet is new and squishy and a yummy shade of brown. We'll be closer to Nanna and Pop. It won't take us 45 minutes to get to church. We’ll be able to have a Bible study group meet at our house and start getting to know our church family so much better.

And we’ll at least be safe if ever a fox comes sniffing around one of the entrances.


  1. Oh my! It really is a rabbit warren. It makes me scared to navigate my way there.

  2. Our place isn't too hard to get to (comparatively)! The roads are no excuse, you have to come visit!